Every use case imaginable, in one place

No more worries about technical infrastructure, Orgo is cloud scalable, ready to help your organisation manage members, resources and flows

API & OAuth

Not just another CRM user manangement tool. Start building your custom apps and access your data using the built-in API and Single-Sign-On system.


Give your members a personal account so they can inform and express themselves within the organisation.


Give your members the focused space to manage their discussion activities and files. Easily create automated groups based on members roles in the organisation.


Get the forum discussions started to foster innovation, transparency and clarity.


From basic meetings you need to attend to general assembly, keep track of your activities and generate beautiful annual reports.

Online payments

Give your members the simplest experience to make recurring online payments for fees or donations.

Available in 46 countries with Stripe.


Manage your membership card generations from tempalte design and keep track for which members received it.


Secure, transparent, anonymous voting. Move your organisation democracy in the digital age.

Files Drive

Keep all you organisation files and media together, in a structured way.

Local & Regional

If you are a large network organisation, give your territorial administrations the independence they need to run their local center.

Projects & tasks

Movements are driven by projects, and projects are driven by tasks, easily collaborate on task with any member in the organization.

Knowledge base

Give your members the focused space to manage their discussion activities and files, easily create automated groups based on members roles in the organisation.

Push notifications

Unlimited group driven notifications engage your members more into your organization.


Robust RBAC to ensures every user plays their part seamlessly, enabling tailored experiences, secure collaboration, and efficient management.


Get lists and the numbers on members by local centers, cities, counties, retention, roles, event participation and other relevant data, all made with beautiful charts and easy to export.


Filter your big data and export it in the beloved excel file format for further analysis.


Put your brand in the spotlight, by making Orgo accessible from your domain, customizing the logo, and adding colors that express your brand. Create all the custom types of entities and user custom fields you need. Https encryption included.


Different level of permission to easily decentralize management and moderation.

Privacy & Security

Your privacy and security is part of our mission. Being GDPR compliant, our policies have been carefully designed to protect the one thing that's most important to you: your data.

Mobile app

The organization in the palm of the member. Read more